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MAG Tank™
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Oilfield Fluid Management Solution™

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  • Standardized Interlocking Steel Panels

  • Customizable Tank Footprint

  • Unlimted Capacities Above 10,900 BBLs

GreenHunter is currently in the engineering and development phase of our MAG Tank™ product line. MAG Tank significantly differs from competitive products as GreenHunter’s proprietary MAG Tank is designed to be installed on a variety of well pads, taking into consideration space limitations, terrain, weather and environmental conditions. A key MAG Tank differentiator is found in the product design that will allow for a flexible footprint in variable capacities using standard building blocks. The market for modular above-ground temporary water storage tanks in the oilfield is growing quickly as operators look for ways to improve logistics, increase safety, reduce truck traffic, lower costs and expedite set-up and take-down times. We are excited to deliver on the specific requests from our customers.

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