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Frac -Cycle uses a technology agnostic approach to treating oilfield water. Due to the unique characteristics of water from different shale plays and unique flowback within a single basin, GreenHunter Water, in consultation with operators, has determined that no one water reuse system is ideal for all areas.

We have evaluated multiple technologies and selected those that provide cost-effective solutions for the desired level of treatment for the operator's needs.

While most operators are targeting a clean brine output, Frac-Cycle's flexible design allows the user to take in flowback or produced water and recycle to either clean brine or fresh water.

Recycled water can be used in subsequent frac jobs and in some cases an NPDES permit can be obtained to discharge fresh water into a stream.

Mobile systems and long term on-site semi-portable designs are available.

GreenHunter Water strives to be cost effective and provide Total Water Management Solutions and cost savings in your current water management expense budget.

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